Love or Marketing?! | Kim Tweets Kanye’s Air Yeezy’s

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It’s been rumored that Kris Jenner may become Kanye’s new Manager. Kris Jenner has become a shrewd business woman but there are only 24 hours in a day and she manages all of her children. Be that as it may, Kim tweeted this picture today (6/12) displaying a unity with Kanye’s Air Yeezy’s. If Kanye can get Kim to shed her Louboutins, (which I can’t see this being her in the picture) maybe they are a match made in fashion heaven. If nothing else, chuck it up to basic marketing 101 since Kim has over 14 million followers as compared to Kanye’s followers, which are just a little over 7.6 million. Basic math tells me that’s about 22 million reached with free advertisement! #CHACHING

Kanye West Trivia- Kanye is only following one person on Twitter. Can you guess who it is? Why Kim Kardashian of course!

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KimKardashian tweeted: His & Hers! #AirYeezys

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