Paris Is For Lovers | Jay Z and Beyonce Seem To Be Enjoying It

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Jay Z and Beyonce (minus Blue Ivy) were spotted enjoying lunch in Paris (6/6) and getting in some sight-seeing. I am loving Beyonce’s style. She’s rocking looks that are conservative yet edgy. The heel less shoes and the clutch are to die for but what else do we expect from this diva.

Jay Z is working hard in Paris performing on his “Watch the Throne” tour but after the tour INF Daily reported that Beyonce and Jay Z are taking what sounds like a regular people vacation in a luxury Winnebago. They are reportedly heading to Florida to vacation with their go-to couple, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Could this be a ploy to get all the paparazzi to line up in Florida awaiting their arrival as joke? I’ll admit that’s a little farfetched but it would be funny at least.

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Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted out today (6/7) sight-seeing. I guess blue and Paris aren’t a good combination. Beyonce has temporarily given up her favorite blue nails for a soft pink, although she is wearing a blue ring.

Read the full story on Gossip Center.

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