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Snooki. Shoes. Slippers. Sunglasses. Contracts. Money. These are all words that are seemingly random but they really aren’t in Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s case. These words are a part of a lawsuit that the reality star better known as Snooki filed against the SRG company that claimed Snooki would make $100 million over a three year period and instead she only made $250,000. The SRG company fired back saying that Snooki’s image hurt her brand.

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Here’s a sample of shoes from Snooki’s shoe line, which are available for purchase on Snooki’s Slippers.



According to the Huffington Post, documents examined by them reveals that SRG said Snooki’s arrest in 2010, as well as her general drunken behavior, is why they had such a hard time securing her deals. The documents stated that brands like Disney, Macy’s and Target had no interest in associating their brand with Snooki’s brand.

Let’s break this down. Snooki made her name from the crazy antics on MTV’s Jersey Shore show.  The show’s most memorable Snooki moments displayed her random public urination(s), her drunken fist pumping and a taped arrest of her in a drunken stupor.  What was she known for prior to the show? I don’t think most could answer that question. The only answer would be a resounding “I don’t know”.

Would you buy a shoe because Snooki’s name was on it? Would you buy any product other than an alcoholic beverage because Snooki’s name was on it? If you can’t answer either of these questions with a “yes” SRG made a mistake with choosing Snooki. Snooki tweets pictures of her shoes regularly and unfortunately they aren’t usually her own shoe brand. Usually Snooki is wearing Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes, which might be an explanation as to why people don’t know a lot about her shoes. Marketing 101 just went right out the shoe diva’s window. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the legal arena.

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Read the full story : Huffington Post

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