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Is the world becoming obsessed or slightly too fond of uploading their pictures leaving their photogenic footprints all over the web? Regardless, the 24 hour endless display of pictures just received another address at CHOO 24:7 STYLEMAKERS.  Jimmy Choo Stylemakers is an interactive collection of photos that are uploaded by stylish Jimmy Choo owners from all over the world.

The site states “Discover the new CHOO 24:7 STYLEMAKERS website, an interactive photo gallery of streetstyle images celebrating Jimmy Choo style across time zones, day to evening, 24:7.

Join the CHOO 24:7 community and view images of Jimmy Choo style from New York to London, Tokyo to Dubai, Shanghai to Sao Paolo.”

You can submit your own photo in a few simple steps:

1.) Wear a look that shows your own Jimmy Choo style
2.) Photograph your look
3.) Upload your photo to the CHOO 24:7 STYLEMAKERS gallery

You even have a chance to enter their competition.

Submit your image before midnight June 6th to be in with a chance of winning a complete CHOO 24:7 ‘wardrobe’ up to the value of £4,000 or approximately $6,400 in US dollars.

Are you going to play along for the chance to win? If not, maybe share the love or actually “like” others’ pictures.  The Jimmy Choo site held my attention with just the shoes and now I have another reason to peak at greatness.

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