SPOTTED | Christina Milian Shopping For Pumps

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Christina Milian was spotted out and about shopping at Fred Segal in Hollywood for pumps (5/9). She proves that some of the celebrities shop like us. They ask themselves “what about this one?” Or “do you like this color better?” And they take a friend along for a second opinion. I love it. Check out these pictures. It’s feel like you’re shopping with a girlfriend.

I’m picturing shopping with her and she said “Oh, I kinda like this pair. They’re cute”

This is me picturing what her friend was saying ” Oh girl, look at those.” Then Christina says ” Oh yeah, those are cute too.”

It looks like another pair of shoes caught her eye also. Christina looks like she was saying “What about this pair or maybe purple?”

I want to go shoe shopping with Christina but I guess this as close as I’ll get to shopping with her. I had fun peaking at least. Now that this season of the Voice is over we’ll have to wait to see which pumps Christina actually chose.


Additional photo credit: Bauer Griffin


  1. beautifullystated

    May 12, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    I really enjoyed this article!

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