Charlotte Olympia Ankle Strap Pump

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Cartoon colored whimsically designed unconventional shoes have been popping up every where. Prada shoes were spitting combustible looking flames from the back of the shoes and Prada had shoes that appeared to promote the puff on a good cigarette.  Several celebrities including Beyonce were spotted wearing Charlotte Olympia’s loafers that were embellished with a cat’s face including the ears. Is this a new trend that has staying power or are designers just happy to temporarily release their creative juices? The Charlotte Olympia shoe below is not horrible but why would I need Nicki Minaj pink colored lips on my shoe? Is this a shoe that you would add to your shoe closet? Leave me a comment or take the poll. I would love to read your thoughts on this shoe.

If you would like to purchase this shoe, it’s available at Nordstrom ($945).

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