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Let’s start off with a new person to my celebrity round up. Check out Estelle. She is wearing Louise Goldin shoes and quite a few other accessories.

This is another new celebrity that I just added to the mix because I thought her picture was pretty and because people say we look alike (I hope Letoya doesn’t mind that comment!). Check out her Louboutin’s too!

Letoya tweeted “God has blessed me with some AMAZING friends!”

Next up is Rosci Diaz, who should be in my twitpic Hall of Fame soon. She always gives us a little something to peep at in her photos. This time it’s a pair of YSL sandals in a great purple color!

This next photo is from none other than Marlo Hampton. We all know that she is a shoe game killer.  Marlo has been known to have private shopping events at Neiman Marcus just for her! She doesn’t disappoint below with her Louboutin’s and all the other big name accessories.

Marlo simply tweeted ” Today’s combo”

This next pic is interesting. Although, Nene Leakes is wearing Louboutin’s and Aubrey O’Day is in the pic someone else, well rephrase,  something else is stealing the moment.

Nene tweeted “Out doin press this morning n LA & bumped n2 my girl @AubreyODay is that a donkey LOL!

Nene tweeted a picture that I adore and if she turns this into a business I will be a true fan of Nene, the business woman!

Nene tweeted “I think I should hav my own line of shoe cookies! What’cha think? LOL! These r so cute!”

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