My Prediction of Beyonce in Flats

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I can admit when I’m wrong about a prediction. In the case of Beyonce vs Flats, I was completely wrong. I swore Beyonce’s high heels were going to be a temporary dust haven for her cleaning lady to handle. But I have to say that Bey is remaining the high heel diva thus far. Last week everyone was reporting that she was seen out in her $1,180 Alain Quilici’s Payson skate lace up booties. I admire Bey’s fashion but I don’t know how I feel about the skate boots (not that she needs my fashion stamp of approval). I guess the good news is the thickness on the skate bottom seems to add a balancing factor.

Next up-Beyonce disguised as the buzzing bumble bee on Halloween….oh wait I just got it ..Bey as a Bee. Literally, I just deciphered that as I was typing.  I was a little slow on connecting the bee dots but Queen Bey certainly isn’t having any problems connecting the yellow and black dots. She is wearing Alexander McQueen pumps to complete her costume.

The final pic to end this Beyonce “Life in Heels” saga was snapped as she was going to a nail salon in New York. The picture was taken a week before Halloween. The average pregnant woman would fling her heels at the sight of them as she sat and rubbed her swollen feet. My question is how does Beyonce manage to make everything look so easy?

Speaking of easy… Allegedly, Kelly Rowland easily spilled the baby beans indicating that Beyonce is having a girl. If that is true, I can only imagine how great it would be for a little girl to play dress-up in Beyonce’s Shoe Closzet…





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