Wendy William’s Shoe Closet

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I have been meaning to post this for a little while since I saw it in you guessed it US Magazine. I’ve seen Wendy in person several times and she’s tall. So fittingly her feet are large (size 11 and sometimes a 12) but her shoe game is no joke! She jokes about her size but I have to say she’s totally confident with her height. What I love though is that she is an admitted shoe lover. Count them…One Louboutin. Two Louboutin. Three Louboutin…Four

Wendy states:
I became a shoe lover when shoes started coming in my true size which wasn’t until I was about 18 years old….I’m not a brand lover. I’m more of a fit lover.

I have to agree with Wendy on being a fit lover. I say it all the time if a shoe doesn’t fit well I have to remain a lover from afar. Fit is the reigning queen in my world when it comes to shoes. I’ve had slight nervous breakdowns erupt whenever a shoe I love doesn’t fit like I envisioned it. Once I determine that I have a great fit and a shoe that I love there’s no need to waste time worrying what outfit will accompany the shoes. It goes like this with me and shoes. A glance. A stare. A touch. My imagination. My excitement…..then it happens. My wallet! I can’t help myself!!

Oh well we all have something that gets us going. Mine just happens to be shoes. So I’m going to continue to work on my Shoe Closzet one magical moment at a time and maybe one day I’ll have one like Wendy’s.

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  1. H. E. Lexus

    October 17, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Oh I like some of these. ;)

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