Designers + the Memo = Options…I love it!

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You ever show up some where and other people in the room are dressed similarly? It’s always the one person that isn’t dressed like the majority of the group that says “I didn’t get the memo to wear ___.” You can fill in the blank with whatever the item happens to be but the good thing about designers is that they usually all get the same memo on the trends. SN: Did  you ever really wonder who/what determines the trends?? What do they do put the ideas in a hat and if it gets pulled it’s  WINNING for that season? Just kidding on the hat but I like to know random crap at times.  Sorry, I digressed but it’s just one of those things with me. It’s up there with what the banker looks like on Deal or No Deal.

The good thing about designers getting the same memo on the trends is that once again that means OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS….don’t you love it!  Below is an example of a similarly styled shoe at three different price points. The moral of this story is….. if you find a shoe that is out of your price range most chances you can find a pretty close match for a cheaper price. It takes a little research but it’s possible.

Closzet Splurge Dsquared Winifred bootie $595.00

Kors Michael Kors Jada bootie $165.00

Payless Tenley Lace up Wedge Boot $29.99

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