Shoe Inspirations Come From Every Where Even Songs…Thanks Rihanna!

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but buckles and straps excite me! Get your mind out of the gutter *smiling*.  I’m talking about shoes of course! I was watching the controversial video, S&M, that Rihanna released earlier his year. However, you feel about the song you have to admit the chorus is catchy and so is my new shoe version above if I must say so myself.  It was so catchy that it’s my inspiration for this post. (Now you know I truly have shoe-itis! Everything relates back to shoes for me.)

Buckles and straps are in a lot designer’s collections this Fall which means what?? Of course that means options, options, options!! First, I’ll give you affordable options and then my Closzet Splurges.

Dollhouse Vivianne Ankle Boot

Nine West Lauford

Jessica Simpson Alster

Closzet Splurge Mark and James by Badgley Mischka (I’m in LOVE)

Closzet Splurge B Brian Atwood Falcon Knee-High (left) and a similar looking affordable choice Nine West Verydisco (right)

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