Hiking boots aren’t just for the adventurous

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Girly fashionable hiking boots have made a comeback. Remember several years back Manolo Blahnik’s heeled hiking boot made its debut and was worn by several A-list celebrities?? This season’s must have hiking boot is not quite a Timberland looking boot with a heel *thank goodness* but quiet as it’s kept, the new version is a close cousin.

. Chinise Laundry – affordable option

I can’t say that all trends catch my eye especially when I am chosing my investment pieces/classic pieces to weather the fashion storms with me. Butttt ….I think the Tory Burch Lawson boot below is a splurge that makes me smile. A shoe smile for me is like with a good love affair. I like what I see up close and personal!

  • classic with great leather-check
  • nice color with some interest-check
  • quality-check

I think I can scratch hiking boots off my list of things to purchase!!


  1. slimgoody05

    September 2, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    I love this booties…:-)

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